CNC Router Services

  • Machine straight from your eCabinet or AutoCad file
  • No CAD experience? Let us do the design work
  • Shapes and custom designs can easily be machined
  • Flat per sheet pricing makes estimating fast and easy.
Image of a cabinet

About our Services

Richmond Cabinet & Millwork specializes in CNC nested based cabinet part machining for the professional custom cabinetmaker.

Our Thermwood CS45 has a 5' x 10' table, allowing us to cut cabinet parts from sheet stock and solid wood with unmatched precision.  We are capable of producing parts for blind dado, full dado, and butt joint construction along with pre-drilled shelf pin, drawer slide and hinge mount holes.  This system allows for more accurate and efficient cabinet assembly.

Send us your eCabinet Systems files or drawings from any CAD program that creates 2D .dwg or .dxf files.  Or, send us your sketches and for a small design fee we'll create the CAD drawings required for CNC machining.

We can also produce templates, moldings, carvings, and odd shaped parts to your specifications.  Your vendor can drop ship your materials to our facility or we can provide them.  Completed parts can be picked up or we will arrange for delivery.  For most jobs, the cost for machining is on a per sheet basis, allowing for more accurate bids.  With over 20 years of experience in the cabinet business, we'd like to help you decrease lead time and increase profit on your next job.

Call or email today and take your business to the next level.